ENGAGE v1.4.3

As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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ENGAGE v1.4.3

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Content Creator Tool (Beta)
The content creator tool empowers users to create more comprehensive VR experiences, lessons and events. It builds on top of and is complementary to the core ENGAGE platform. Key highlights for this Beta update include:
  • Addition of a visual timeline for assembling VR content experiences, inspired by leading designs 3D animation and video editing software.
  • More user-friendly interface and functionality across all features in the editor.

Smartphone & Tablet version, for Android devices (Beta)
Users can now download and run ENGAGE on Android Smartphones and Tablets. Please note:
  • This version of ENGAGE is focused on attending meetings, events and collaborative work sessions.
  • It does not have the full suite of tools and features as provided on other devices such as VR and PC desktop.
  • Compatible devices must use Android 7.1 or higher, have a minimum RAM of 3GB and have an internet connection of 10MB download/upload or higher to run ENGAGE.
  • It is recommended to use headphones for this release for the best experience.

User Functions
Users can now do the following inside a session:
  • Raise their hand to get attention.
  • Clap hands to show appreciation.

New Languages
  • German

Stage Barrier
IFX can be placed with colliders turned on, to block users walking onto the stage for important events and sessions.

IFX Functions
  • Users can lock IFX in place inside a location in VR.
  • Users can clone IFX inside a VR session.
  • Some IFX have the option to turn on colliders, so avatars cannot walk through them or can stand on them.
  • Users can load an IFX with an Image URL associated and displayed on it.


  • Avatars now sit more elegantly in seats than prior versions.
  • Avatar does not collapse when headset removed on Oculus devices. It now enters a paused state, with voice output audio muted.

ENTERPRISE Client Features
  • Option to hide all public VR sessions inside ENGAGE, only showing VR sessions which are contained privately within the ENTERPRISE group.
  • Option to hide all public VR events inside ENGAGE, only showing events which are contained privately within the ENTERPRISE group.

  • Overbooking - Hosts can set an event to have more registrations than the max capacity of users in a VR session in ENGAGE.
  • The max capacity per subscription type still applies, however the guest list is now easier to manage for hosts.

  • Highlighting IFX is now more natural using point, hover and click interactions in the session for all devices.
  • The visual impact of the spheres is reduced as they are set to default off for all users.
  • Users can show spheres if they hold the "interact" button (Left click on desktop, trigger on most VR controllers).

  • Users can save login credentials and login with 1 click instead of entering a password every time.

Main Menu
  • New setting to turn off the music which plays in the background on login and main menu.

Major UI / UX Updates
  • In VR session menu
  • Registration & Login
  • User Settings in VR
  • Main Menu
  • Join Menu
  • Create Events View
  • Events List
  • Content Menu
  • All menus - Updated size of UI for enhanced readability on all platforms
  • New app icons on all ENGAGE software applications

Users List in Session
  • Non-host users in a VR session can now see a list of users within that session.
  • Added a visible microphone volume level indicator when users started speaking.

User Management for Hosts
  • Hosts can now mute users, but allow users to un-mute their own microphone.
  • New users joining a session are now muted if the global user setting for the session is set to mute.
  • New users joining a session prevent can be seated automatically, if seat users and seat lock are active in the session. Only applies if there is enough seating in the location.

Voice Communication
  • Improved audio for voice communication on all devices.
  • Smartphone and Tablet version is still in Beta, therefore there are still some known issues.

Production Stability
  • Improved stability of the ENGAGE platform across many of its web-related services


Forms and Quizzes
  • Fixed known issues with occasional unresponsive buttons

Youtube Video
  • Updated plugins to fix some compatibility issues.

Language Translation Updates
  • Minor updates to translations in Korean & Chinese.

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