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ENGAGE avatar lessons and tutorials.
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Avatars are an essential component of effective human-to-human interaction within digital worlds and core to social presence; the feeling of being physically present with someone via Virtual Reality.

Embodying and controlling an avatar with tracked head and hands, and even the full body, enables non-verbal communication and interaction with each other and the virtual environment, like in the physical world. Being able to use our body in VR allows for spatial learning and muscle memory which is important for learning, training retention and performance readiness.

Engage offers full body avatars which are customizable to user needs and preferences. Virtual avatar technology is ever evolving and, as such, ENGAGE avatar design and capabilities will be continually enhanced far into the future.

ENGAGE avatars are customized within the My Avatar creator. Users can use the default avatar system or even utilize a single face photo using My Face technology to quickly create a photoreal 3D avatar of themselves.

Free account holders have limited avatar choices available. Pro account users have all avatar options available and additional save slots to manage multiple avatars. Enterprise users can send us their own logos to add to the clothing.
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Hi, I tried to upload my photo for the avatar's face but failed. Is there a certain specification for the image? Format and size?

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