As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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ENGAGE v1.5 is now available to download.


Custom Banners on Home Menu

Enterprise clients can now add custom banners to be displayed on the ENGAGE home menu to highlight content such as events, lessons, videos and web pages.

Sign in with Vive account

Users on HTC devices can now sign in and link their ENGAGE account with their HTC Vive account.


  • The keyboard has been updated both functionally and visually.
  • Move the keyboard around within the virtual environment (In VR and Desktop only)
  • Use two hands to point and type in VR.
  • Chinese Pinyin Keyboard has been added
  • Japanese Hiragana keyboard has been added.

UI & UX Improvements - General

The following UI screens have been updated visually and with minor layout and UX tweaks:
  • Home Menu
  • Session Menu
  • Join Session Menu
  • Start Session Menu
  • Events
  • Content Menu
  • Locations Menu
  • Create & Edit Menu
  • My Account
  • Change Password
  • Logout
  • Controls
  • Tutorials Videos Playback
  • Share Web Browser
  • Desktop Sharing
  • My Avatar
  • My Face Settings

Performance & Stability

The ENGAGE application has been upgraded in several ways including but not limited to 64-bit architecture for all Android devices, Enterprise-level Cloud Server hosting, and an all-new Web-Viewer.

Client Logo in UI Home Screen Menus

ENTERPRISE clients now have the option to place their logo on the main menus of ENGAGE.

  • Several minor UI / UX fixes and updates to improve usability.
  • Group Admin and Owner can turn on/off permission for regular members to create group events.
  • Upgraded the UI on how to upload the ENTERPRISE group logo and provided a helpful how-to guide for styling.
  • Ability to Enable/disable the group.

Content Creator
  • Improvements to the UI / UX layouts for better usability.
  • Many of the main functions such as load / save a scene, lesson info, snapshots, locations, triggers, forms, IFX, interactive objects, etc are now active in the main editor panel.

Japanese has been added to the list of supported languages.</p>

  • Improved the efficiency of the initial avatar bundle download.
  • Minor language translation fixes in German and Chinese.
  • Minor UI / UX fixes to various screens.
  • Improved web streaming
  • Improved multi-user network stability

To find out how to download ENGAGE, please visit https://engagevr.io/download/
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