ENGAGE v1.5.1

As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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ENGAGE v1.5.1

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General UI & UX
  • Updated Avatar My Face Loading Indicator
  • Notes- UI Layout Updates
  • My Account Screen - Minor layout improvements
  • Create & Edit Screen - Minor Updates

Virtual Keyboard
  • Real keyboard shortcuts available on PC Monitor mode, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All
  • Various UX & UI fixes

Enterprise Admin Portal
  • Admins can use the “role type” column to browse users
  • Various UI & UX tweaks

Sticky Notes
  • Now possible to put more text on a sticky note


3D audio
Fixed issue with audio popping

  • Fixed issue when some web pages were zoomed in on certain devices
  • Refresh button fixed on web views for Pico and Smartphone android

Pico Neo 2 Device
  • Crashing issue on login

Pico G2 Device
  • Fixed controller mapping and removed unnecessary cursor on the keyboard

YouTube Video
  • Fixed minor issue with videos occasionally not playing on certain devices

  • Minor fixes in German, Chinese & Japanese languages.

Login screen
  • Fixed unresponsive settings cog

Web Browser in VR
  • Zoom function on the web browser in session has been disabled on mobile VR devices due to known issues

  • Fixed a number minor issues and inconsistencies

My Face
  • Fixed paste URL issues when pictures already saved.
  • My Face caught in loop on upload

Sticky Notes
  • When no text on sticky note, removed the word “null”
  • Fixed ability to change colour on sticky notes

Enterprise Admin Portal
  • Fixed issue when disabling 'Allow create subgroups', which stopped users creating invitations for existing subgroups
  • Fixed user quota inconsistencies

Smartphone Android Version
  • Fixed issue where join session list not always available

IFX Menu Tags
  • Fixed issue when searching locations & IFX cause the menu to freeze

Oculus Quest
  • Fixed issue when session was not available
You can download ENGAGE v.1.5.1 here -> https://engagevr.io/download/
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