As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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Platform Support
  • Apple macOS – ENGAGE is now available to use on various Apple macOS versions

New Devices Supported
  • HTC VIVE Focus 3
  • HTC VIVE Pro 2
  • Pico Neo 3

User Preference – Select Microphone
  • PC users in VR and in desktop mode can now select their preferred microphone (audio in) while in session

Interaction with buttons in locations
  • It is now possible to interact with buttons in virtual locations when using Android smartphone, Android tablets, iPhones and iPad devices

New Locations
  • Throne Room
  • Sky Hotel
  • Woodland Campfire
  • Construction Site - PLUS
  • Asian Restaurant - PLUS
  • Paris Meeting Space - PLUS
  • Hospital Camera Demo (Endoscope) - PLUS


Voice Chat (VoIP) in Sessions
  • Significant service improvements, in particular, the quality of sound and echo cancellation

  • Improved pagination UX/UI on the IFX and locations screens

Security & Performance
  • Important updates and improvements that benefits the stability of the platform


Deep Link for Events
  • Fixed issues where sometimes deep link did not work on all situations

Valve Index
  • Fixed issue where sometimes clicking on streamed websites not working

Quest 2 - Wrist Control - Interaction with Notes
  • Fixed issue where sometimes tracking was impeded on Quest 2 when using this feature

Video Playback Issues
  • Minor fixes to known playback issues

PC Screen Resolution Cut Off Issue
  • Fixed UI issue on laptops and PC screens with small resolution or screen size.


Google Drive Linked Account in My Media
  • From June 30th the option to link your Google Drive in My Media in ENGAGE has been removed
  • To continue to use Google Drive files in ENGAGE, users will only be able to view links to presentations, documents and other files if the share permission in Google Drive is set to “Anyone on the web can view/edit”.
  • This removal of the link account functionality in ENGAGE is due to Google deprecating support for sign in with embedded web browsers, which ENGAGE relies on to provide service for Google Drive and website streaming
  • In addition, this will also restrict the use of using Google to sign-in and link account to other cloud file systems in the My Media service such as Dropbox
  • It is still possible to link your Office365 and Dropbox accounts in the My Media section of ENGAGE
  • Regular website streaming is still possible
  • We recommend using Microsoft OneDrive or Office365 to share presentations and documents where possible

ENGAGE v1.9 is now available to download at https://engagevr.io/download/
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