As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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Avatars - Extensive garment and apparel changes which include:
  • Better tracking locomotion and body movement
  • A garment filter system to allow you to quickly find the right clothing for your occasion
  • Addtional selections of all types of clothing
  • Enhanced decal options
  • A wide-ranging new color palette for all types of apparel
  • Enhanced facial customization
  • Addtional hairstyle options, eyebrow styling and colour choices
  • New make-up and nail polish range with opacity and gloss options
  • Up to 10 full body avatars on standalone VR devices
  • Mobile avatar preview option
  • A new mirror lets you 'be' your avatar as your create it
  • New enhanced avatar seating system allowing custom poses and predefined poses
  • Much more

New Locations
  • Hospital
  • Virtual Campus

Cloud File Manager - Enterprise Only
  • Users now can save and upload any files to the cloud that are created inside ENGAGE
  • They also can upload and manage multiple types of media files & use them inside an ENGAGE session
  • NOTE – Access to this new beta feature will be limited for initial rollout to approved beta testers only for now


Gizmo Feature Enhancements
  • Snap to ground function has an updated interface design with a dedicated snap to ground arrow
  • Increment snapping mode has a magnet mode which provides better increment snapping control for both position and rotation. This can be further fine-tuned with sensitivity controls.
  • Additional input modes allow you to adjust movements using analog sticks and mouse wheel commands
  • Optimized interaction for better performance and usability

Voice In Session
  • System and software upgrades for improved service and stability

Security and Performance
  • Important updates and improvements that benefits the stability of the platform

Input Field / Native Keyboard Improvements
  • Copying and pasting for iPhone and Android has been improved

Content Editor
  • Copying and pasting for iPhone and Android has been improved
    • Fixed

      Recording Playback Issues
      • Minor fixes to recording playback issues

      Voice In Session
      • Several fixes for user voice when connecting and disconnecting during session, losing audio when changing location and when using headphones

      • Fixed issue with whiteboards where they were not visible to some users

      Media Player
      • A number of issues have been fixed for displaying slides, zooming, media volume and video display issues

      ENGAGE v2.0 is now available to download at https://engagevr.io/download/
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