Version 1.2

As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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Version 1.2

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New Features & Improvements

New Host Controls
o Give other users in the session co-host powers, so they can control media, IFX, recording and all other things the Host can do.
o Remove or ban users from a live session or event.
o Give other users in a session the ability to set IFX to “Shared”.

Sticky Notes
o Create sticky notes and place them anywhere inside training and experiences. In the lecture hall location, snap these sticky notes to the blackboard.

Shared IFX
o Users can now change a setting on their IFX objects in a location to “Shared”, which allows other users in the session to move, rotate, scale or delete that IFX.

IFX – Enhanced Controls
o Move, position, rotate and scale IFX 3D models with more precision using the advanced control gizmos.

Hide IFX user interface in location
o Setting to turn on or off IFX user interface (Spheres, buttons etc) so users have a more immersive experience.

Advanced Recording Controls
o A selection of advanced options for playing back recordings.

Session Settings
o Increased the max number of users per session from 35 to 50.
o ENTERPRISE users can now set live sessions to be visible for their Group only.

o Updated visual appearance for Android OS devices such as Oculus Quest.
o Added more uniforms and hair color options.

General Fixes and Optimizations
o Optimized loading speed for many parts of the¬¬ software, especially on launch.
o Optimized stability and performance, with a focus on video, networking & memory.
o Minor bugs and user interface improvements.

New Content

Location – Theatre
o A grand stage with curtains, controls for lighting, screens and podiums.

Location – Courtroom
o A courtroom for live or recorded legal training and experiences.

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