As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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ENGAGE v1.3.1 is now available for download.

New Features & Improvements

In Session User Settings, Actions & Permissions

o Hosts have improved control over IFX permissions for users in session.
o It is possible to hide the IFX bubbles in the location from the IFX menu.
o Hosts can choose to hide or show the display names of users in the session.
o Hosts and users can turn on a setting to autoshare any IFX placed with others in the session.
o IFX snapshots are now more secure and restricted.
o Some UX and UI improvements.

Videos & Media

o It is now possible to play some 360 videos in 4K resolution from the 360 room.
o Video and Media timers now displaying in hours, minutes and seconds rather than just seconds.

Seating Users in Session

o The host can select individual users to seat, or use an option to seat all users in the session.
o This works in some locations with suitable seating.
o It is also possible to lock users to their seats.

Summon Users to an area in the Session

o Hosts can summon all users in a session to an area of interest in the location.

Persistent Session

o Enterprise customers can now set up and manage persistent sessions from the ENGAGE web app.
o Any IFX, snapshots and sticky notes placed into these sessions will remain in the session locations, even if the user logs out and returns to the session later.


o Some UI and UX improvements to the events system, in particular around the event statuses.

Show / Hide Public Content List

o Enterprise customers can change a setting in their account administration dashboard to show or hide the public content listings inside the ENGAGE application.

Whiteboard v2.0

o Enterprise and PRO users can try out an advanced whiteboard in the Executive Conference Room location inside the ENGAGE application.
o There are 4 new tools including a pen, brush, eraser and text tool. Each tool has a variety of settings.
o Users can draw and paint with unlimited color variations and a variety of brush shapes, pen types and sizes.
o The eraser is just like a pen or a brush now and can be used with greater accuracy.
o The whiteboard can be cleared with one button.
o Users can enter and place text strings on the board.

To find out how to download ENGAGE, please visit https://engagevr.io/download/

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