As ENGAGE updates are published this section will have a full change log listing all new features and fixes.
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iOS Compatible
  • ENGAGE is now available in BETA on the Apple App Store for a limited selection of supported iPhones and iPads using the latest iOS software

Deep Link
  • PC users with ENGAGE installed can go directly to an event with a single click from the event web page

Mic Control on Wrist
  • User can turn on / off microphone via a wrist control on VR 6Dof devices

Mic Control on PC Keyboard
  • PC users can press F1 in their keyboard to turn mic on / off

3D Voice Range
  • Host user can adjust the 3D voice range in the session


  • User can select option to remember this account preference to login next time or not

Keyboard for Japanese Language
  • Added support for Kanji and Katakana

Content Creator
  • Improvements in performance and minor UX updates

Keyboard Cursor
  • Smoother movement when moving the cursor over the keyboard

Security & Performance
  • Important updates and improvements to the platform.

Chroma key video support
  • Now available for standalone VR devices

3D Audio Falloff setting
  • Improved settings based on feedback per location

Recording Playback - 3D Voice Range setting
  • Change the distance which 3D voice is heard

  • Improved UX / UI for advanced settings


Keyboard Input
  • Fixed issue where keyboard for web browser in ENGAGE stops taking input

  • Register new user body text was updated to be clearer

  • Resend verification body text was updated to be clearer

Profile picture on Login
  • Fixed issue with pixelated edges on the image

Events - Saving
  • Fixed issue with saving events without group dropdown set

Events - Unlisted
  • Fixed issue where unlisted group events are not appearing in the group tab list

Keyboard & Whiteboard
  • Fixed issue, user could not move the keyboard when whiteboard was active

  • Fixed issue, incorrect and confusing error message when linking accounts

Enterprise Admin Portal
  • Fixed issue where persistent sessions quota label was not displaying accurately

  • Fixed issue, users can not have hyphen in surname

Share Desktop
  • Fixed issue, username overlaps description text
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