Interactive IFX in the Creator

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Gold Lotus
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Interactive IFX in the Creator

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When searching for interactive IFX in the Creator, I see no results. Does this mean none are available? Also, could you give some examples of what exactly this feature - interactive IFX - is? Does it give people the chance to actually grab certain IFX like an animal and manipulate it or is it something else?

Many thanks
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Re: Interactive IFX in the Creator

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Hi Gold Lotus,

I'm sorry there aren't any of these available in public at the moment. We are planning on making quite a few of them available shortly. Interactive IFX are objects that you can grab with your hand and pass around to others, as you may have seen in some of the demo content available online. You can also apply physics to these objects such as gravity, no gravity, or no physics. Any IFX you create that have colliders available can also be turned into Interactive IFX.

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