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My Avatar Menu

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The My Avatar main menu allows you to manage your avatar collection and create new ones. In this example picture you can see that there are 5 avatars that have been stored out of 50 storage slots. The text bar indicates that I am currently looking at avatar number 5 which was named Chris. Selecting the forward and back arrows to the sides of the avatar name will cycle through the available stored avatars.


Edit: Create changes to the currently selected avatar

Delete: Permanently remove the currently selected avatar from storage

Clone: Immediately create a duplicate of the currently selected avatar. This is great if you want to build a new avatar based on one already created but you also want to keep the original.

Create New: Create a new avatar from scratch

My Face (options): Create a face based on a photo or edit existing faces made with My Face

My Face (My Face Enabled): Allows user to choose to use a photoreal face to replace the default avatar faces

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