Official Trailer 2020 | ENGAGE

General updates and announcements about the ENGAGE platform
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Official Trailer 2020 | ENGAGE

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ENGAGE is a a VR education and training platform. This trailer gives a brief overview of the different use cases that ENGAGE can be used for.

ENGAGE allows educators and businesses to host meetings, classes, private lessons and presentations with people from all over the world in a safe, virtual, multi-user environment. It is perfect for meeting and collaborating with anyone in the world. It can also be used for virtual training through simulations. This creates a deeper understanding of the task at hand for employees.

ENGAGE’s virtual objects and environments help you to create specialized lessons and simulated training which can improve learning retention and interaction. You can also record your live lessons, where you can review and share it privately with other users in your virtual room or upload it to the ENGAGE platform for the anyone to watch anywhere.

For more information on ENGAGE, you can visit the ENGAGE website:

ENGAGE | Communicate. Teach. Learn.
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