Feature request: playlists. Perhaps using Notes?

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Feature request: playlists. Perhaps using Notes?

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We're constantly finding new potential uses for Engage. At the moment we're looking at VR cameras, and it's great being able to go through sample footage from each camera together.

At the moment, if you want to line up a number of videos, the best way is to create a new media link for each one. It can get a little unwieldy, though. (My list of Media Links is growing exponentially - and there's no way to organise them).

The Notes feature in Engage would be ideal for setting up a playlist of videos, along with notes for the host for each one: all we'd need is for Engage to recognise if we've tapped on a video link in a Note so it can send that link to the Media Playback handler, rather than trying to fire it up as a webpage.

Could you stick this on your list of requests please?

(please let me know if this is already possible and I've just been doing it wrong ;)
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Re: Feature request: playlists. Perhaps using Notes?

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A ticket has been created with your feedback and sent to our development team for review.

Your feedback is very important and we will always give it the time and the attention it deserves.

Hope this helps for now,


The ENGAGE Team.
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