Feature Request: Teleprompter

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Gold Lotus
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Feature Request: Teleprompter

Post by Gold Lotus »

Love the latest features you've been rolling out, but I am human so I want more :D

A teleprompter - preferably with a "make invisible" option would be great so that I can ramble on for hours in a more fluent fashion.

Would be useful for those doing events and presentations, of which I have seen many in ENGAGE.

Or maybe there's a workaround to this which I'm not aware of? If so, please let me know.


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Re: Feature Request: Teleprompter

Post by Conor »

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your feedback and we do have lots more to come.

I will create a request ticket for your idea and send it over to our design team for review.

Hopefully, it can be put into our roadmap for ENGAGE.

Hope this helps,


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