chroma key IFX

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chroma key IFX

Post by buchie »

Hello all,

Just tested the chroma key IFX. very nice and much needed.

Some questions, suggestions:

- there is quite a lot green spill, depending on the clip. Would it be possible to make the "threshold sensitivity" and "smoothing accessible as a slider in the IFX?
- When loading the clip you will see a square black box of the canvas. Would there be a solution to avoid this? it breaks the magic.
- Quest users see a weird image in place of the clip, like a mixed up texture
- would billboarding make sense? always eying your spectator?
- did you test with a stereo clip? this way there is more depth perception = more magic.

Thanks sofar, keep up the good work,

Thanks Michel
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Re: chroma key IFX

Post by MikeArms »

Hi Michel,
Thank you for the feedback, we are working on this feature and hope to have it working better with Android support soon.

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