Sideloading prefabs for local use

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Sideloading prefabs for local use

Post by howiem »

Is there a way to sideload, or load from a URL, 3D objects (prefabs) into Engage for local testing?

I'm guessing it'd involve more than just creating a "developer mode" UI - if I understand correctly, you do a certain amount of processing of the prefabs for compatibility with all the targets Engage supports - but it'd be a great way to explore what's possible before submitting it to you. Our group all use the same headset, so it would be useful to be able to experiment with, for example, how many polys we can throw into a scene before our headsets explode.

Maybe put this on your "distant future" feature request list? :)
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Re: Sideloading prefabs for local use

Post by MikeArms »

Hi Howie,

Yes, there is a local testing method available for enterprise clients using the SDK. Can you email and perhaps we can help you further with this?

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